NEVA Orman offers services to the automotive industry with the high quality WISA® plywood and coating products of UPM Plywood, Europe’s leading plywood manufacturer.


WISA-Wire is a plywood panel coated with dark brown phenolic resin coating with slip resistant wire mesh pattern. The product is intended for use as flooring in the transport industry i.e. trailers, horse boxes and railway wagons and building applications such as warehouse floors, loading platforms and scaffolding. WISA-Wire is a universal material for technical flooring applications.


WISA-Birch is a multipurpose high quality product for various applications where excellent strength is essential. Its light, smooth and even surface offers an optimal base for different overlaying methods. Due to its superb properties, uncoated WISA birch plywood is widely used in the demanding vehicle, shipbuilding, construction and furniture industries.


WISA-Phon N is a birch plywood sandwich panel with good sound-absorbing properties. It is intended for use in the transportation industry for bus and train floors etc. where soundabsorbing features are needed

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What is Plywood ?
Plywood is an engineered wood sheet material made up of wood veneers attached together placing wood grains 90 degrees to one another. Usually plywood is cross-bonded construction but oriented constructions are possible. There can also be several wood species and veneer thicknesses in one panel. Typical thickness of plywood panel is between 4,5 – 50 mm , made of thin veneer sheets with thickness 1,5 – 3,2 mm. Plywood is glued with phenolic-resin and the gluing is boilproof. The main coating type is phenol coating but also melamine and pp-coatings are used. Plywood is produced in different qualities due to different uses. Read More…